Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan May 2 to 8

Weekly Log –May 2 – May 8


Monday, May 2

Whoops, buddy forgot to put the kayak on the roof rack. No swim tonight. Which is likely good as I am not supposed to train on Mondays!

Tuesday, May 3

The weather is getting so nice. Paddling after work is fantastic. I love it. 1 hour in the OC6. Played in some great waves. Weeeee! I wanted to jump in and swim J

Wednesday, May 4

AM: morning swim with Tyee. My shoulder is tweaked so I kicked 2.5km, the last 1km hard with my fins.

I went to physio at Arbutus. Sandy always makes me feel better, but she usually hurts me first. Definitely have some inflammation in my right shoulder that needs tending too – but we have a plan!

PM: Temperature check at Thetis. I swam for 30 minutes in 16C. I am going to shoot for 4-6 hours on the weekend.

Thursday, May 5

PM: Another great OC6 paddle in the inner harbour and beyond. We went out to Brotchie. Lots of fun currents.

2 km swim with Vic Masters. We worked on breakouts for a good chunk of the workout.

Friday, May 6

AM:  Slept in. Saving it for the weekend.

PM: Dinner with a friend. Trying to keep my social life while training for these long swims can be a challenge. But I am definitely doing better than last year.

Saturday, May 7

AM: OC6 race around Brotchie. 13km. No wind, no current. Very hard paddle. Tough race but we did it.

Headed to Crystal pool for a 7km swim. It was good to get into my head after the paddle. Lots of frustrations, lots to think about.

Sunday, May 8

The official start to open water – 4 hour swim at Thetis in 16c water. 2 x (2 swims + 1 kick) for a total of 9km. I would have liked to have done more but I am also aware I am in a new environment and need to work it up slowly. No more flip turns, yahoo!

A few other bits

Lots of planning going on these days with the Thetis Lake Swim for MS, Great Bear and Cowichan. Will have to protect my time as we get closer to the swims.

MS Notes

I ran into a really good friend over the weekend who also has MS – and uses diet and fitness to manage it. She mentioned to me a bit of a setback that she had one day while racing. It reminded me how fragile our bodies truly are and that with MS, anything can happen at any time.

Next Steps

  1. 10 km + 15km Lake swim at Thetis over the weekend