Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan April 25 to May 1

Weekly Log –April 25 to May 1


Monday, April 25

AM: sleep, sleep and more sleep!

PM: 5.2km swim at the Y. Easy 100s on my own and then jumped in with Y Masters for a 2.5km swim. Very tired from Provincials, it was hard to swim. Stuck it out to the end but it wasn’t pretty. I need to learn the meaning of the words “recovery time”

Tuesday, April 26

PM: 1 hour in the OC6. Some good waves out there tonight. Did both motion and cold water training! Followed this up with a 2.5km swim with Vic Masters coached by my favorite otter- Lauren. Great combo of distance and sprints.

Wednesday, April 27

AM: Tyee masters for 2.5kms. 500 warm-up followed by OW starts and blind swimming (interesting). I spoke to coach Mike about my results from the meet on the weekend. My 400 IM was close to 1 minute faster than when I time trialed. He asked a great question to which I still do not know the answer – “What is the difference between a TT and a race?”

PM: 2.5km swim on my own and 3km swim with YMCA. It was my last night with the Y. I have put my membership on hold so I can lake swim.

Thursday, April 28

PM: Good times with Victoria Masters. 2.5km swim. Mixed sets

Friday, April 29

AM: 3km with Tyee. Almost all kick. Moved to lane 1 so I could make the times with no fins. Protecting the shoulder.  Left a bit early for my flight to Bella Bella.

PM: WOW! What a day. I flew from Victoria to Vancouver to Campbell River to Bella Bella. We had a quick meeting with the Heiltsuk Nation to talk about the swim and request their permission to film it. I also got to meet Louisa, a Heiltsuk with MS.  I hope to meet her a lot more.

Colette, (a good friend who is helping organize the swim), Dale (my swim buddy), Kevin (Colette’s brother and my pilot for the swim) and I met in Shearwater, hopped in a boat and then made our way to Ocean Falls, following the route we hope to take along the way.

The trip through Gunboat passage was incredible. It’s a beautiful passage with lots of interesting nooks and crannies along the way. I got a good sense of what it is like when there is wind and where the sun sits. Gunboat represents about 25 km of the swim. At the end of the passage we found our camping spot! There’s a sandy beach which makes it easy to land.

Once we were through Gunboat we made our way up Cousins Inlet.  This is the other 25km piece. There’s a narrows about half way up the inlet with different weather conditions in each of the areas along the way. Just outside of Ocean Falls there is a small village with about 100 houses. Really great boat launch there.

Looking up from the village you can see structures in the distance. It’s a beautiful area. So peaceful. The mountains hug the water all the way to the falls.

Saturday, April 30

One of my goals for the weekend was to test the waters of Ocean Falls, so Dale and I did. It was cold both out and in the water. I am not sure what the air temperature was but the water was 9.5. I think we were in for 15 minutes or so. Colette and Kevin made us a lovely fire for when we got out.

Sunday, May 1

My last day in Great Bear. We went to Kevin’s for breakfast, which is on Denny Island on the way to Bella Bella. I jumped in the water again. It was 9.5 but somehow didn’t feel as cold as yesterday. This truly is about immersing yourself so you get used to the cold.

Dale has suggested we do a trial swim from Kevin’s to Bella Bella. It’s about 7km. Hope to return in June.

A few other bits

A very exciting week. You could see the Great Bear Swim coming together as the days progressed over the weekend. As I always do I worry that my volume isn’t there. And I worry about the Cowichan 105. Not sure I can do much about that. Seems to be the nature of my beast; worrying.

MS Notes

All good!

Next Steps

  1. Thetis Lake swims on Monday/Wednesday/Friday nights and weekends when possible

  2. Plan another trip to Great Bear for a trial swim

  3. Plan when I will do 3 x 35 at Cowichan.