Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan April 18 to 24

Weekly Log –April 18 to April 24


Monday, April 18

Pooped after Special O regionals. Lots of fun but man it can make you tired J

PM: 6km swim. The first three on my own as 6 x (400 swim + 100 kick) and the second 3 with Vic Y. Did a great set of 60 25s fly – first 30 on 30, second 30 on 40. Felt good to push myself a bit.

Tuesday, April 19

PM: 1.5 hour paddle in the OC6. Working on gears. It was a good long steady paddle and its great to be out in the boat.

Wednesday, April 20

AM: 3.2 km swim with Tyee. Sets of 300 swim + 200 kick. I love kicking. Felt good in the water and was able to pick up the pace a bit.

I haven’t been drinking enough water these days so have made a point of increasing my consumption during the day.

PM: Sweet little swim at the Y. Started with 500 warm-up, 500 pull, 1km pull/paddle and 500 paddle and then joined the Y masters for some 400s + 150s kick. I’m digging the longer stuff. Should tweaked a bit so kicked more at the end. Will have to keep an eye on it as my volume increases again

Thursday, April 21

PM: 5km swim. First 2.5 on my own – second with Vic Masters.

Friday, April 22

Provincials at Watermainia. First event: 1500. I wasn’t sure if I would push myself or not as I signed up for some big ones over the weekend. When I hit the water my body decided for me. I was moving quite nicely throughout. Held a steady pace of 1:35 throughout. Was interesting to look back at the pace times. There was one moment where I paused to catch my breath. You could see it in the times. I was quite happy with the swim as I have generally swum at a 1:40 to 1:45 pace during training for the past few years because of volume. Didn’t really think I could move faster than that. I could feel my MS while swimming but it wasn’t serious enough that I needed to stop. Somehow I know these things. I really don’t understand it, but am fortunate I do.

Saturday, April 23

Day 2 of Provincials.

Today’s events: 200 fly, 200 IM, 400 free. All swims were strong. I have gone faster in the past but based on the pace slow down for the past few years I was quite happy. I managed to break the provincial record in the 200 fly. It was a funny little discovery. I was reviewing my times that night at the hotel and saw a P by my time. I thought for sure I was disqualified as I had no idea what P meant. Then I checked the legend and thought - huh, that’s kind neat. I wasn’t quite concerned about pushing it during that particular event as I was MSee all over. I could feel a thin sheet of numb, so I coasted. I guess the turtle does win sometimes J

Sunday, April 24

Day 3 of Provincials. Today’s events, 800 Free, 100 Fly, 400 IM. After the 800 free I was spent. All the high volume swimming was getting to me. But I had only 2 events left so I made myself stick them out, even if I had to turtle them.

All times were great. I left feeling happy and confident about my swimming.

A few other bits

It was super fun to be at Provincials. I haven’t been in a swim meet in a few years. I think it was a great break from the distance swimming (although I still did just over 20 km this week) and nice to push myself a bit. I’ve signed up for Nationals in May and hope to improve my times.

MS Notes

The MS side of me was definitely present all weekend. Some people say their MS veered it’s ugly head, I say it popped by to say hello. I was very careful to drink lots of water, eat on a regular basis, and eat healthy. I also made sure to have quiet time, something I find very helpful. I opted to not go to the banquet on Saturday night as I though sleep would be a better choice. My MS appreciated it!

Next Steps

  1. Head up to Ocean Falls and explore the possibility of a swim

  2. Look at schedule and get volume training back on track