Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan March 7 to 13

Weekly Log –March 7 to 13


Monday, March 7

Day 1 of or rest. Glad too! Pooped.

Tuesday, March 8

Day 2 of rest. I can feel the energy building up inside of me. I am ready to swim again but will wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 9

AM: 3km swim with Tyee. Steady aerobic workout – 400s. Mike videoed me. We have been working on my catch. I am not straight arm pulling as much as I was but need to bend a bit more up front. He has given me some skulling drills I can play around with on the weekend.

PM: Great workout at the Y. Felt fantastic! 45 minute spin, 3.5km swim (split 300s moving faster each one) and 1 hour of weights (increased load by 10 to 15 pds each set of 10).

Thursday, March 10

PM: Vic Masters. Great speed work set. Mixed 100s, 50s, 25s. Swam fly as much as I could.

Friday, March 11

AM: missed my swim

PM: I am burnt out, not physically but emotionally. I am coming to the end of a significant project at work and am feeling it. Lots of change coming up in the next few weeks. I will need to prepare mentally and make sure to protect myself both mentally and physically as change can be stressful and hard on my MS.

Saturday, March 12

2 outrigger canoe races today in Nanaimo around Newcastle and Protection Islands. The first one was 6 km with a novice crew. Lots of fun. Had to work really hard to keep the boat moving. Started at 9am and it took about 1 hour.

Second race was with an open crew. This one started at 1pm and was 12km. It took about 1 hour 20 minutes. Great crew. I had them do a progressive power build over the last 10 minutes. Some fun water. It was great to be on the ocean.  Solid workout.

I headed to Nanaimo with Jill and Ray after and met up with Beluga Bill and Deb. Bill and I jumped in the ocean for 15 minutes. He swam, I waffled. It was tough! The water was 5C.

Sunday, March 13

I opted to swim for 7 hours today instead of 9. I convinced myself that the time zone change and a 5 year olds birthday party were good enough reasons. But it was really because I was a bit sore from Saturday’s races.

Solid swim. I felt strong in the water but was interrupted by lots of chatty breaks. I did not count my kilometerage – just kept swimming. I could feel the fatigue really setting in a bit at the end.

A few other bits

I am a bit disappointed with my kilometerage this week but I will admit that I do feel stronger in the water these days. The seven hour swim was easier than I thought it would be on Sunday. My approach next week will be to add 2 hours on Friday night to my routine, swim 4 hours on Saturday and then 9 hours on Sunday. This will be somewhere between 30 and 40 kilometers over the weekend and close to 50 for the week.  As time goes on I will increase both the Friday night and Saturday swims.

I was so happy to have jumped in the ocean even if it was 5C. I love swimming with Beluga Bill. He is such a positive influence. He knew I was struggling with the cold and looked at me and said “It’s all up here.” I need to make sure he comes to my swim and if there is a point when I want out I will have him remind me that it’s “all up here.” He is a great source of mental strength.

No MS issues during this weeks’ long swim!