Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan February 29 to March 6

Weekly Log – Feb 29 to March 6


Monday, Feb 29

No workout today. Exhausted. My body feels very depleted and I am quite flush. A bit of numbness in my legs, likely caused by the rise in my body temperature. I am starving but my belly is full. I need to refuel!

I spent the evening listening to nomeatathlete.com – some great podcasts by a vegan ultra-runner. I’m gathering up some ideas around fuel. I will be spending my down days learning and preparing psychologically.

Tuesday, March 1

I am still feeling very depleted so checked back on last year’s program. I only did 2 or 3 18km swims during the season. This season I am doing a lot more long long swims which I think is good, I just need to make sure I book in adequate recovery time. I am going to switch my schedule so I no longer workout on Monday/Tuesday and swim Friday night instead. I think this is a good switch and the timing is good.

Wednesday, March 2

AM: Managed to get up for my morning workout.  This is an improvement from last week. Swam 3km with Tyee (Sets of 400 + 4x50). Nice long and steady swim. Feel a bit off but it is great to be back in the water.

PM: Someone was using the spin bike when I arrived at the Y so I switched to the URG and Walkalator for 30 minutes of cardio. Great 4km swim. Mixed 200s. Started slow but was able to kick it up a notch mid-way through.  1 hour weights. Hard reps. Increased load. Felt great when I left the Y

Thursday, March 3

PM: Fun speed work with Victoria Masters. Interesting sets. Swam about 2km. One of my Special Olympic Athletes needed help with their handy dart so I had to get out a bit early.

Friday, March 4

AM: Why am I so tired? Sore? I’m not getting up!

Saturday, March 5

OC6 Sprint race on the Gorge. I paddled 2 races with a novice crew, each 1,500m or 10 minutes. It was lots of fun. Hard work though as the crew was new. We did great.

Sunday, March 6

10:00 AM start with Victoria Masters. Some sprint work. Once they were done I moved into 1km pieces and then some 500s. Swam for 4 hours (10km). I was pretty beat up at the end. It was a very busy, active weekend.

A few other bits

WOW, tough week even though it was a down week. I think the two weeks up are really good for pushing my limits. By the time they are done I truly need the down week and am taking full advantage of it. Good lesson for me to learn. I often feel I am not working hard enough or swimming enough but I can honestly say I am not sure how I could fit more in without giving myself time to recover. I’ve re-jigged my schedule to make sure I have time for recovery and will keep reminding myself of the importance of this. Two days of rest and I am back into the 2 week up cycle. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Definitely feeling some stuff after the second long swim last Sunday but I think it was well managed with recovery. One thing I will need to sort out is the difference between how hypothermia and MS feel. The tingling body sensation is very similar.