Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan February 22 to 28

Weekly Log – Feb 22 to 28


Monday, Feb 15

AM: nice sleep in after yesterday’s long long swim and a sleepless night.

PM: light workout at the YMCA. 45 minutes spin, 2.5km swim-cruise, and 45 minutes of weights (lightened the load). The swim felt great. Focused on technique.

Tuesday, Feb 16

PM:   Coached Special Olympics. They work so hard!

Wednesday, Feb 17

AM:    My body is still pretty beat –up.  Feeling a thin layer of numbness.  Going to sleep in.

PM:   Great workout tonight. The extra rest did me good. 45 minute spin, 3.2km swim + 1 hour weights increasing load. Main swim set was 100, 200, 400, 800, 400, 200, 100. I got faster as we progressed through the set.

* I always seem to do better with 2 full days of rest after a big ol swim.

Thursday, Feb 18

PM:    Coached Special O. We did a mock swim meet for those not going to regionals. I love the support the athletes give one another.

2.2km swim with Victoria Masters. Mixed stroke. Short distances. Lots of coughing when I swim faster.

Friday, Feb 19

AM:    No sleep. Up at 1:00 and then just couldn’t get back to sleep.

3 km swim with Tyee. Sets of 500 with toys. Was moving slowly but felt ok.

Worried I am getting into bad sleep patterns again.               

Saturday, Feb 20

AM:    3km OC1 (Ocean Canoe) time trial. It took about 25 minutes. Not bad for my first time out.

PM: early afternoon swim at Crystal. 6km. 1km sets. Now that I have the 9 hour swims on Sunday going I thought it would be good to start adding a bit of volume on Saturdays.

Sunday, Feb 21

AM:    Started at 9am for a 9 hour swim. I went into this one sore from the OC1 time trial on Saturday. I think that is good though as I need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Started with 500m pieces for 2.5km then joined Vic Masters for 3km which included some bucket work and an 800m time trial (13.55 – pacing at 1:45 lc). Moved into 1km sets with bucket on/off after that, and then 500m sets with bucket on/off. I could really feel the effect of the bucket by about 1pm (5 hours in). Did 100s/50s/25s to end the sets, always bucket on/off.

I was exhausted at the end but stayed for Huli drills (tipping the boat and getting back in) with my outrigger club after. I had about 800 calories during the swim which isn’t enough. I think it forgot to eat at a certain point. I am good with the bars and cookies. I tried a smoothie this time to see how my body would respond. I found I wasn’t able to get enough calories in when I drank it so will need to be careful how often I use them in the swim.

A few other bits

I really need to keep on top of my sleep and my cough. I am finding the 9 hour swims a real challenge. I checked back to last year’s log and I think I only did 2 or 3 of these throughout the season. I think they are good for me so will continue but I will not plan on any activity Monday and Tuesday after these swims.

I like the idea of 2 weeks up and 1 week down so will continue with this. On my down weeks I will limit Saturday and Sunday to 10km each day.  The next step will be to slowly add more volume to Saturday swims on the up days. I am at 6km so will likely go to 8 and then 10 on the next 2 up weeks.

MS gave me a bit of trouble this week. Nothing that can’t be managed. It was more about reminding me that it is there and not going away. I have modified my diet to include more nutrients to help manage the symptoms – more raw foods. I have also added Vitamineral Green and Co-Q10.