Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Susan February 15 to 21

Weekly Log – Feb 15 to 21


Monday, Feb 15

AM:   Morning swim with Tyee. Mike joked that I should swim the main set all fly – so I did.

            500 w/u

            15 x 100 fly w/fins @ 2

            500 pull/paddle

            Felt great after this set. The fly part made me happy as I wasn’t sure I would make it.

PM:   1 hour spin + 1 hour weights.

            Meeting with Dale and Jill for the inside passage swim. Our dates are July 11 to 17 – one month before Cowichan and the 105 redo.

Tuesday, Feb 16

PM:   Great workout with Victoria Masters. We did a test set. 8 x 100 @ 1:45. I went into it thinking I would be between 1:35 and 1:40. Held 1:35 right through. I was happy with the time. It would be good to work it down to 1:30 though.

Wednesday, Feb 17

AM:    Tyee’s new coach Claudia coached this morning. I have to get used to her coaching. It was a good kick workout (400 swim + 4x100 kick / 300 swim + 3x100 kick / etc. Looking forward to more of her workouts.  I felt sluggish. Nothing to do with Claudia or her set, just me in the morning or maybe from the test set last night.

PM:   Had to go to Vic General for an MRI. My neurologist wants to see if any new lesions have developed on my spine or in my brain. It was a bit of a stressful test as I had to lay all the way in the tube for about 45 minutes. I couldn’t move or see anything so it’s kinda like being in a coffin.  I was ok for most of it but when the really loud drilling sound started I would go into panic mode. I think I will count this as a workout because of how stressed my body was and how tired I was after.

Thursday, Feb 18

PM:    Vic Masters sprints with Dale – weeeeee

            I had a choice between 24 x 50 or 24 x 25. I opted for the 25s so I could do fly right through. It felt great.

Friday, Feb 19

AM:    Whoopsie, I was a wee bit sick in the middle of the night and threw up several times.  When I woke up in the morning my stomach muscles were really sore. I decided to not swim or work. Not able to eat. Coach potato day for me.

Saturday, Feb 20

AM:    Tummy is better. Must have been something I ate or a very strange bug. I hopped in an OC6 for about 1.5 hours. It felt great. I haven’t paddled much this year. I need to do it more.

            It was really good to be out in the open water but it’s still a bit too cold to jump in. About 9C

Sunday, Feb 21

AM:    8 hour swim today. I meant to do 9 but I thought the pool closed at 5. Will get it right next time.

            I started on my own with 500 m sets and then hooked up with Vic Masters for some fun with sprints. Main set was 16 x 50 lc fly/free, fast/easy. I held 45 for most of the Fly.

            Once Vic Masters finished I moved into the long sets swimming 2km pieces until about 2 and then 1km sets. Aly White joined me for a bit. We did a fly sprint set after the 14km mark ( 2x (10 x 25 @ 40 + 500 kick)). Finished with 4x(5x100). My last set was on 1:45 with paddles. Held 1:35.

            I realized after that although I had a bit of food every time I finished a set (either 1 or 2 km) I likely didn’t eat enough. I had my pre-workout drink for energy and electrolytes + 2 vega bars throughout the day. Need to up the food intake more and really get used to it after the 6 hour mark. That’s where things go wonky

A few other bits

It was a good get back into the groove week. Looking forward to next week.

No MS symptoms this week.