Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

It's all coming back to me now....

Ok.  I know what you are thinking....I wrote some strange fluff piece about kits pool and respecting one another and then disappeared.  I am not going to lie.  It happened.  The truth is that I have been a little bit stuck lately.  I think I am experiencing this for a several reasons. 

  • Last year was amazing, and scary, and I suppose there was an assumption that the second time around would somehow be an easier experience
  • My mind has been wavering in and out of preparation, perhaps because I swam so much last year and part of me wasn't ready to commit again
  • I am working.  I found this very difficult last year too, which is why I quit my job around this time and started working part time at the pools (very convenient)
  • Life is just....tiring.  This isn't meant to be sad, but things have been really busy.  I am selling my place, learning the ins and outs of a new career, and my iron levels have been way off.

This isn't meant to be a laundry list of complaints.  It's my confession.  I have been off my game.  needless to say, I recognize this, and I am so eager to snap out of it.  And remember that fear I mentioned?  Can you believe it - it's still here!  Only now I am afraid of not living up to a high standard I have set for myself.  I am afraid of the possibility that I wont raise as much money for MS research as I did last year, and that I won't find as many relay teams as I had hoped for.  Let's face it, I am still scared of the cold water for 12 hours....I don't think you ever start looking forward to that part!

Over the past couple weeks I have had some good chats with myself.  I have reflected on my goals from last year, my goals for this year, and the impression I want to leave on the world when I am no longer here.  I am tired of being tired darn it!  I made a promise that once I had my iron and nutrition taken care of, once I was off the couch, I would live every day changing things for the better.  Even in some small way.  I am lucky that I now work at the MS Society, because I accomplish this almost always.  The challenge is to look outside of my regular 9-5.  I want to go above and beyond what my job description says and I want SwimMS to really become something!  So - this very moment I am changing mindsets.  This very moment I am back on track.

Thanks to everyone who has provided support this year!  I am so excited to continue moving forward!  Together we will #endMS!

Anyone else looking to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society can create their own initiative at www.ichallengems.ca