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Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

It's the Kits Pool Count Down (dodo dooooodooo - dodo do do do)

Holy smokes - I cannot believe it is nearly April!  So far it seems as though our late winter simply switched positions with Spring, but here's hoping the sunshine comes out again.  While training in the pool has been wonderful it is always uplifting for a swimmer to know that sun kissed swims at Kits Pool are just around the corner.  Particularly as a distance swimmer!  Kit's 137.5 meter lengths are the closest simulation of open water swimming, while staying chlorinated.  Swimming aside, another great thing about outdoor pools is simply the atmosphere.

For the most part Kits pool is a magnetic force drawing happy people to join together in the fantastic bond that is sharing a giant bath.  Unfortunately there are those who can turn even this experience into a war zone with fellow pool goers.  Some things to remember:

  • There is only one lane however it is quite wide, so please give each other as much space as possible (assigning the outskirts of the lane to those with a leisurely pace)
  • Kits pool can be EXTREMELY busy!  When this is the case ignore point one and cut people some slack if they bump you (we all just want to exercise and get our Vit D)
  • Most important:  If a conflict arises talk it out and go together to ask a lifeguard to clarify the rules (a lot of well intentioned folk have been known to pass out the wrong information, but I absolutely appreciate the enthusiasm)

I don't mean to be cheeky.  In fact my intentions are the opposite.  As both a swimmer and a lifeguard at the outdoor pools I can see how the negativity affects not only those involved in the conflict, but everyone around them as well.  I truly love Vancouver's pools and beaches.  Thinking about our summer season gives me the warm-fuzzies and I want others to enjoy them as well! 

Clearly I am ahead of the game on my two-piece training suit day dreams, but hey... no harm in planning for the future!  Cheers to those who frequent our amazing outdoor pools!  The count down is on - see you in May!