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Accessorizing is for athletes

Ok ladies (and gents - heck it is 2014), we all know how important it is to have the right accessories for an outfit.  We never feel an outfit is complete with out the right shoes, that fantastic watch, or a new purse/murse.  Accessories make us feel special.  They add a little excitement to a classic or everyday outfit.  The same is true for those of us who prefer to sweat while we socialize!

I think it's safe to say that style has been part of the sports world for a while.  Come on, I am not the only one who has noticed the flourescent themed wall of shoes at the Running Room.  The fun purple ones never fit me!  Gym clothing is all so colourful these days, and shows off our fit bodies a little more as well.  Then there are the new toys made for a gadget-crazy population.  Arm bands that hold ipods, watches that count our steps, and computer programs that share our workout details on facebook.  The greatest thing about these accessories is not what they look like or that they are just that much better than the model before it, it's that finally technology really is getting people more excited about working our - and hopefully outdoors.

Last week I received my new toy in the mail...a waterproof ipod shuffle from Underwater Audio.  I know I said looks aren't important, but it's purple and it's gorgeous!  Well, really it looks like any other ipod shuffle, it just has a sneaky hidden talent.  The ipod clips onto the strap of my goggles and can be fully submerged in water.  In fact, I emailed the company prior to purchasing the ipod and discovered that it will stand up to salt water and waves.  Plus it's 2GB storage holds over 12 hours of music.  I was told that the battery should last 12 hours, but that I'll have to confirm after Aug 16th.  This particular company sells a few different packages.  You can buy the ipod on its own, or select one of a few different headphone options.  I ordered two types of headphones, not knowing which would be best.  On Monday, I tried it out for the first time.

The sun was shining, the air was warm, and the water was even more inviting than usual.  After a short stretch on the deck I hit the play button and Adele joined me.  At first I was afraid to get in.  I checked the headphones a couple times to make sure the were fully plugged in and I wasn't going to ruin anything.  Finally I leaped into the pool.  I was grinning like a school girl.  I started to swim and still the grin wouldn't leave my face.  It must have looked very strange to anyone watching - to see a woman smiling underwater.  It was just amazing!  The time definitely went by faster, and the whole experience was just...awesome!  I am certainly going to be amused during the 12 hours I will spend at kits beach.

The other wonderful accessory I recently started using is my Adrenaline wetsuit, brand new from Synergy Wetsuits.  I have never had a long sleeved suit before, but given the amount of time I will be in the ocean, I would rather be safe and go all out.  The shoulders are nice and thin to allow for easy movement in the arms, which I will absolutely need.  The suit is nice and toasty...not to mention sleek.  Every time I put it on I feel amazing.

In the end, our accessories do a great job of keeping us motivated.  I love putting my synergy suit on.  I feel like a rock star.  And, I love being able to listen to music while I swim.  My new toys are getting me really excited to finally accomplish this goal.  After over a year of planning and training, the new gear gets me in the water when I feel like I need a break. I am so thankful to Synergy for the much needed suit.  I think twelve warm and musical hours are in my future!