Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Dundarave Dip

Training is going better than ever!  I am feeling fast and light, and I am always dying to jump in the water.  In fact, on Friday I saw an amazing opportunity.  I had taken the afternoon off from form to travel to Sechelt for a friends birthday.  My boss and I had finished early with our patient, and I had my wetsuit with me.  I threw on my gear and waddled down to Dundarave beach.  The sky was grey and so was the water.  Grey and angry!  I played it safe and swam back and forth within the bay, only about 10 meters off shore.  Since I have already braved the ocean at kits I thought this would be easy enough, and I jumped in rather quickly.

...I cannot breathe.  I gosh I can't breathe and my face is going to fall off!  It seems dramatic but this was my reaction to the first ten minutes of my swim.  It took quite a while to feel as though I could really put my head down and swim.  At first a would take a few strokes then stop to calm myself down, and repeat. 

I ended up in the water for about half an hour.  The water finally began to feel good, and I had to remind myself that there was a ferry I needed to catch.  I could see that a few small groups of people stopped to watch from time to time.  I was the only nut in the freezing West Van water on a mucky afternoon.  At one point a man slowly got himself to the water and dipped his hand in.  He shook his head and walked away.  When I got out of the water a family of geese had decided to stop and take a rest by the water.  I had my bright pink towel resting on my flip flops and the geese chose this as their area.  Maybe they were watching the crazy lady in the water also.   I wanted to jump out of the water grab my towel and run to warm, but I didn't want to frighten the two parents and their gosslings.  Shivering, I tiptoed widely around the wee ones and aimed straight for the towel.  I whispered to the geese that I was only getting my towel, and they didn't seem bothered at all.  One of the adults and I made eye contact for a moment before I ran up the beach...I think they were watching my things for me or maybe playing lifeguard while I swam!

When I changed and tried to warm up my hands were bright red and my fingers an empty yellow colour.  I could not feel a single finger.  I will want to swim in Dundarave again, even if just to get used to the cooler temperatures.  Thank goodness for the delicious hot chocolate at Delany's afterwards!