Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Fluids fluids fluids...just no chlorine

The group I swim with, is losing their evening pool time.  Last week was my last chance to jump in the pool for my distance workouts with John.  My plan was to take full advantage of the week.  Monday was great!  Nice hard set, mixed with fins which always gets my heart going.  I was so excited for Wednesday, as I am going to be on my own a lot more soon.  Perfect time to get sick, right!  I have been quite sick, ever since Tuesday.  My throat was sore and burning by the end of work on Tuesday, and it has not gotten any better yet.  Unfortunately I haven't been in the water since that Monday workout-don't worry, I still bathe.

As Aug 16th is getting closer, it makes me anxious to be out of the water.  I have made so much progress in the past year, and I don't want any of it to go to waste.  When it comes to deciding whether or not to try to train lightly and possibly be sick longer, or just be sick and get back in at full power (hopefully soon), I went for the latter.  I am hoping that this awful pain goes away soon so I can get back to it!  I do recognize that a week away from the pool wont be so bad.  After all, I only train 3-4 times a week.  Back when I was training 10 times a week for UBC, things may have been different.  One positive is that the extra insulating layer I need for the swim is starting to appear around my mid section!  I may be sick, but I still love my food.

For now it's vitamin c, halls, soup, and tea, to accompany my athletes appetite!  Once I am ready to go again, I am going to test myself with some more long sessions, and possibly an open water dip in the near future!  3.5 months now!