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Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Three More Months!

Today started the most important phase of preparation so far!  I am officially three months away from the swim day, I finally got back in the water this morning after a back injury, and the out door pools open tomorrow!  The past month has been a struggle.  There has been a slight hiccup in my self confidence, but in addition, I went from being sick to having a bad back.  Not to mention the pool space in North Vancouver has been pretty unaccommodating for someone who works from 8am-5pm.  I did still manage to swim every week but one!

This morning I got up at 5am and drove to my 5:30am practice.  The back wasn't feeling 100 percent, but I was just so happy to be training again.  My flip turns were quite goofy, as it's still slightly painful to bend.  I went to kits and met with a friend for a coffee.  I got there slightly early and took a moment to check out my swim zone!  We then ended up sitting beside the pool and beach to enjoy our coffee.  And tomorrow, I get to jump into Kits pool nice and early for my lifegaurd exam....that's right folks!  Kits Pool opens tomorrow!  What does this mean?  Training is about to become so much easier!  Kits, Second Beach, and New Brighton pools are all a bus ride away, and have plenty of pool space.  As a swimmer, Kits pool is a huge staple in my summer.  Training at kits, with the amazing view is so freeing and motivating.  When I have the opportunity to swim at that amazing pool, I am filled with happiness.  I love it!  One more fantastic thing about kits pool is that one length is 137.5 meters!  That's right, almost 3 times the length of an Olympic sized pool.  This means fewer flip turns, and a work out that more closely resembles open water swimming.  Yes, I don't get to tackles the waves and cold temperatures, but it's still far more useful than being in a 25 meter pool.

While Kits Pool will be my primary training spot for the summer, I am also keen to jump in the ocean soon!  I do get cold, and generally the ocean doesn't heat up much until July, but perhaps some shorter dips to start!  Who wants to join me on June 1st?  Bring your wetsuit!