Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

A Small Step for Man, a Giant Leap off a Bridge!

On Friday, my family and I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Whistler.  My boyfriend suggested that while up there, we look into zip trekking, or bungee jumping.  I had always wanted to bungee jump, but had never taken the time to do it.  We thought maybe we'd go on Sunday, but on Saturday, we went to go and check it out.  We thought maybe it would be nice to see what it looked like and see how busy they are. 

From the parking lot, the bridge didn't seem as high as I had thought.  We watched one or two people jump, and walked up to get a closer look.  After seeing someone jump from the upper viewing area, we realized that we may as well do this today!  It was sunny, and we didn't know what the weather would be like on Sunday.  So the three of us walked over to the hut to sign our paper work....which included a section that said if negligence occurs, you can't sue.  Why did I read through it?  I already knew it said I could die.  What's the point in reading it?  I did....darn it! 

Upon reaching the platform, the guides suggested I go first.  They knew I was getting closer and closer to backing out.  Before I knew it I was in my harness.  The boys were suited up as well, and watching just to the side.  I had witnessed one of the guys lightly guiding a girl off the platform before and was quite certain I did not want him touching me.  "Don't push me", I said.  "I promise I will jump, but it just may take a minute".  He agreed, and said that he doesn't actually push anyone.  I very, veeerrryyy slowly got myself out near the edge of the platform.  Suddenly I felt disgusting.  My stomach was in my throat, my whole body was shaking, and I just wanted to go home.  The man helped me let go of the platform and stood right behind me so that I couldn't turn back.  He counted down 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.  I didn't budge.  "No no no", was all I could say.  He took my arms and shook them to loosen me up. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.  Nope.  I felt like I was dying.   I realized I was in trouble and said to the kind and understanding man behind me, "I think I need you to push me".  He doesn't actually push.  He came even closer behind me.  His foot was tucked right in behind mine, and slowly his knee put a wee bit of pressure behind my legs.  I remember paying attention on to my balance.  I wasn't in control.  I was letting him do all the work.  Suddenly I realized that my balance had shifted too far forward to be able to change my mind, but it still seemed to take a while for me to fall. 

I screamed.  Not as much as I thought I would.  I was too terrified to scream the way that you would on a roller coaster.  The first fall lasted forever; like one of those dreams when you are falling and it will never end.  The feeling of having the cord pull tight and having some weight again was amazing!  But then you snap right back up into another fall.  At this point my eyes may have been closed.  I was gripping onto this soft squishy pillow they attach around the cord.  The second fall sucked just as much as the first one.  It was awful.  I didn't feel okay until I had taken a few bounces. 

After me, the boys both went, no problem.  They were amazing!  To be honest, if Matthew didn't still have to go after me, I may have backed out.  I didn't want to make it any scarier than it needed to be for him.  Apparently I didn't have to worry about that, because he fell off the platform as if he does it every day!

In the end, I think the experience made me far less worried about attempting a 12 hour ocean swim.  I will never willingly bungee jump again - I would rather swim for 12 hours!  And pretty soon... I will be able to say I have!