Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Wishing, and hoping, and thinking, and...dreaming?

Ok, so this may sound silly but I have actually started dreaming about the swim.  Generally not warm, fuzzy dreams.  This only just started happening.  I think when I crossed the 4 month mark it hit me that this is actually going to happen - and it will happen sooner rather than later.  4 months is a short amount of time.... the last year already seems short.

The first dream I had found me getting ready on the beach, only to realize that it was still Aug 15th!  I was setting up and ready to go on the wrong morning.  And, not only did I already go through the gitters of the swim, I had to go home, try to sleep, and have the gitters again in the morning!

My other dreams have involved ruining my shoulders, or getting hypothermia.  There have been a few.  I am choosing to believe that this is positive nervous energy that gets turned around when I am sleeping.  I am very excited about the event....I wouldn't have made it a goal if I didn't think I'd have some chance of pulling it off.  Or maybe I had too many sips of wine - one of the two.  Part of the fear is that time is running out and maybe I haven't prepared enough.  I don't mean physically.  I worry that I am so far away from my fundraising goal, or that I haven't raised enough awareness about MS.  The whole point, after all, is to benefit the MS Society, and those suffering from the disease.  It's incredible how easily the time slips away.

I still have some small ideas to help me get the word out, and I know that the biggest impact will likely come closer to the swim day.  So I guess in the end I am so incredibly nervous for August 16th, and so incredibly excited at the same time!  I hope that at the end I will have some energy to stay awake and take in the challenge that I have (hopefully) successfully completed.  And I hope I have the smarts to take a week or two off before getting back in the pool!