Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Serenity Now!

When I swam the mile competitively, people used to ask me, 'Don't you get bored training for that?'  My answer was generally no, because there was a set with rhythms and patterns that I had to pay attention to.  Now that I am training for a twelve hour swim, I hear that question even more!  In regards to my training, and especially about the final swim itself... "Won't you get bored?"  My official answer is, no!  Believe it or not, I have tons to think about when I swim.  In fact, I am so busy thinking and planning and organizing that I frequently miscount my mileage. 

Swimming alone for hours is fantastic.  When in the pool (or ocean), my mind finally has time to work out all of the things that are bothering me, and to let go of stress.  It's soothing and therapeutic.  I think of it as x amount of hours of uninterrupted ME time, and everyone needs that. 

The longest I have been able to train for this event, so far, is two uninterrupted hours.  I plan to turn that into three very shortly, and soon after, six!  I think that I am so lucky to be able to spend this quality time with myself...if only I didn't always lose count of my laps!  And I guess I should admit that I am currently creating a twelve hour play list for a waterproof ipod!  I can only spend so much time with me....

*Check in for details about the 6 hour training swim.