Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

And so it begins...

This swim is something I have had in the back of my mind for a couple of years now.  A year ago, my work had a professional goal setter, Amanda, come to the office for a session.  The idea was to work on setting, and achieving, goals in all areas of life.  This seems simple.  I set a goal that I want to achieve, so it should be easy to achieve it...or at least try.  I put off my training, and therefore, I put off my swim.

This year, Amanda returned with valuable tips to get my head around daunting goals that are hard to start.  I broke my goal into smaller goals.  I told my team at work, and they were very supportive and offered to help!  I called the MS Society of Canada (the biggest step so far!) and shared my plan with them. 

Now I am committed!   My training has begun slowly, but steadily.  A long history with swimming has left me with terrible shoulders, so easing into longer swims is a must if I want to last twelve hours.  Right now I am trying to swim two to three times a week, at 1.5k and up.  My longest so far is 2.5K

My next goal is to successfully make 3 swims a week a must (for the fall)!  I also plan to get up to 4k within the next month!

Here goes....

My first, and shortest, training session                             -Galiano Island, July 2013

My first, and shortest, training session                            
-Galiano Island, July 2013