Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

Kits Pool 2013...that's a wrap.

The last day for kits pool keeners is this Sunday.  For me, it was Friday.  I enjoyed two amazing days, in a row, at kits pool!   

Thursday:  I had the pleasure of having some friends down at the pool with me, keeping me going.  Thanks to Cam Grierson, Lindsay Goodridge, Marc Weber, and John Lock for joining me in the water..not to mention a two length cameo from Dustin Hersee, and sightings of the famous Mark Versfield, Jake Steele and Kevin Johns!  Kits pool was the place to be Thursday! 

Friday:  I went into this last outdoor swim with the challenge of swimming at least a little bit further than the previous day's 20 lengths.  Another gorgeous day, not too busy, felt eager... que the shoulder pain.  Don't ask me why.  I haven't exactly been swimming far, or fast, yet.  After a silly decision to keep swimming through that pain, it went away.  The water felt great!  On lap 20, the pain returned...but I was sooo close to completing my challenge.  So, one last painful cool down lap and 22 it is!  1k away from my September goal of 4k!  And, one phone call away from going back to physio!

For an ex swimmer who chose not to swim for 8 years post competition, this is more difficult than I had anticipated.  3k seems like a big deal, even though I used to tackle regular 8k practices.  My motivation for the fall and winter will be knowing I have to be in the ocean for 12 hours next year, the people I know who are affected by MS, and being able to swim 40...or even 60 or 70 lengths in 2014.  See you next year Kits Pool!