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Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

New Year, New Motivation!

Goodbye 2013, an hello 2014.  I cannot believe it was ten years ago that I last swam for the UBC Dolphins.  For a long while I avoided exercise as much as possible, because for the first time since the age of six....I could.  As these ten years have passed, I slowly re-gained an interest in exercise.  It has only been since committing to this swim that I have really begun to enjoy fitness.  Working out by choice, after all this time, is more empowering.  I have started to feel so great in the water.  My stroke is long and relaxed.  My speed and endurance, however, are still out of reach.  This is where the tradition of new years resolutions come in.

2014 brings the next level of my training and preparation.  Thus far I have been able to swim two times a week...most of the time.  Work does not always allow for it, but I have done my best.  A new level of commitment is needed to get me in extreme endurance shape.  Starting in January, I am determined to swim three times a week, one of which will be a longer, easy, non-stop swim.  I'll start at two hours and see where it takes me.  On the other days of the week, I will cross train with a run, hike, or snow shoe.

While my nerves are starting to raise as August gets closer and closer, I try to use these feelings to motivate me and keep me in the water.  Before I know it, the real goal will be right in front of me.  So...I am hoping that everyone else is able to use 2014 to motivate them as well.  Good luck in the New Year!!!!