Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis

UBC Alumni Swim Meet

Cold and flu season has prevented me from getting to the pool for several weeks.  I did make it into the water for a short swim on Monday, in preparation for the annual UBC alumni swim meet.  This event happens every November.  The current team must find the courage to race the older, wiser, and some times out-of-shape alumni.  The rules are there are no rules...well, for the alumni that is.  Current team members must wear training suits and follow all start, stroke, and turn regulations.  The alumni have many many options.  Racing suits of all kinds are allowed, along with other royalties!  To no surprise, us old guys have are on a winning streak.  This year, for the first time, we saw swimmers coming out from as early as the 1960-something swim teams.  It was a great opportunity to to show the current team how strong the legacy of UBC swimming really is.  Thanks so much to coaches Tom Johnson, Steve Price, and Brian Johns for hosting the event!

As far as the swimming goes, I managed to squeeze in a quick 700m warm up.  I only raced 100m of a 400 joint effort swim, followed by 100m cool down.  Starting Monday night I am back to my 4k masters practices.  Time's ticking!  Hopefully the date for the MS swim will be sorted out soon!  More details to come ASAP!