Swim MS

Swimming to support those with Multiple Sclerosis


It's 2016.  We live in a tech savvy world.  Those laughable myths about cars that drive themselves and hover boards are actually coming into fruition.  Those younger than myself may not be surprised at all, but I am still blown away by some of the tasks our mini computers can do for us.  In my family, growing up, we had one shared computer with internet. 

My limited web time was spent looking at photos of Nick Carter and chatting with my 20 ICQ friends.  Otherwise you'd find me in the pool, playing soccer, or hunting for worms.  I only began using a smart phone about 4 years ago and I will admit I enjoy having it more than I thought. 

It is incredible to me that I can surf the web, send emails, watch movies, answer my intercom....boil water........all on a computer that fits in my pocket and weights a pound (29 going on 80).  Which button do I click to take a picture?  Now science is telling us that these same gadgets can help with MS management.  Thanks to a team at Harvard, an app is being tested that can help determine a more precise symptom history, or diary if you will.  This type of app exists for other health concerns, which is fantastic, but for a disease like MS where so little was known before recent years, we are catching up!

Along with greater access to resources such as educational webinars we truly are entering the age of SmartMS!

Study Summary found at the MS Society