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Someone Like Me - Neuromyelitis Optica

Another source of information and inspiration for me, is my new friend Lelainia.  She caught notice of my swim on my facebook and twitter pages.  For months now, Lelainia and I have been casually keeping in touch.  She recently informed me that she too writes a blog.  This is done through the MS Society's 'Someone Like Me' forum.  Several writers have come together in one space to communicate about MS and how it affects each of them.  Some have MS themselves, and others experience the disease through a friend or family member. 

Lelainia is a wonderful writer.  Her blog, and others on this forum, allow us to understand the challenges of living with MS and diseases like it.  She also gives information about events, for those who want to learn more, and shares wonderful stories which remind us to appreciate the little moments that make us smile!

Take a moment and visit Lelainia's 'Someone Like Me' blog: